NH Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (NH VOAD)

The New Hampshire VOAD, or Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, is a statewide partnership of nonprofits, the faith based community, private industry and state government agencies to restore homes for people affected by natural disaster who are uninsured or are underinsured, so they are safe, sanitary and functional.

The NH VOAD coordinates with its members to provide assistance to those who need it most by prioritizing those affected by disaster. The response and recovery from a disaster varies greatly from disaster to disaster but the goal remains the same, to better coordinate efforts, to reduce duplication, and to begin the long-term recovery process quickly, efficiently and effectively.

If your organization would like to join the NH VOAD or if you have any questions please email Domenic DiNatale dom@volunteernh.org or by calling 603-271-6098.

For additional information about VOADs, visit nvoad.org