Community Pillar

The Community Pillar Award is given to an outstanding member of the community whose work has fostered the civic engagement of others and has provided a lasting impact on NH citizens. As with any outstanding contribution to the culture of service, the impact of this community member’s work extends far beyond NH. The winner of the Community Pillar Award must have an ethic of direct service and must inspire others to become involved.

Previous winners of this award include:

2016: Fidelity Investments (Click here to watch their Pillar Award Video)

2015: Dick and Barbara Couch & Hypertherm Inc. (Click here to watch their Pillar Award Video)

2014: The Grappone Family

2013: The Singer Family

2012: Dean Kamen

2011: John Lynch

2010: Sue and Walter Staples

2009: WMUR (Television Station)