Spirit of NH Nomination Form – Deadline: September 15th


If you have any questions about the nomination process, please feel free to call 603-271-7204 or send an e-mail to emily@volunteernh.org
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IMPORTANT: Please save all work in a Word document BEFORE submitting (in the event of a system error).

After submitting your nomination please email Emily at emily@volunteernh.org to confirm that the form was received.

If you are nominating an individual or group of individuals to receive an award, choose the Volunteer Service category. If you are nominating a business, nonprofit, or education-related institution, choose the "Volunteer Program Champion." Nominees may not be in both categories.

For more information, please consult the Nomination Guidelines.

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Nominee Information

If nominating a group, business, nonprofit or school/school group: give the name here

(e.g. Olivia Roemer = Oh-liv-ee-ah Roe-mer)

Nominator Information

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Additional Reference

Nomination Narratives

Please respond to each question, being as clear and specific as possible. Each response may be up to 250 words.

Here is your chance! These short answer questions are your opportunity to fully describe why your nominee deserves to be recognized for their service!

Please remember: while overall service is relevant to include, nominees are being considered for their contributions to the community in the past 12 months.

The reviewers are looking for a good mix of both hard data (specific activities, number of people helped, fundraising amounts, meals cooked, etc.) as well as anecdotal information (a specific instance that encompasses the nominee's service).

IMPORTANT: Your nomination will not only be judged on the nominee's service, but how well you describe that service and its impact. Vague or general descriptions will receive a lower score"

When nominations are being considered, Reviewers are looking for nominations that:
1. Provide a thorough, detailed response to all of the information requested
2. Provide a clear and compelling description of the Nominee, their service, and the impact of their service
3. Give specific examples and/or details about the nominee's service


Include an explanation of the nominee's service, who/what benefits from the nominee's specific service, and any additional information that adds strength to this section.

Include descriptions of how the nominee's service has impacted their community, organization, environment; describe the nominee's service immediate impact and any potential long-term impact; describe how the nominee motivates, leads, engages, and contributes to a culture of service

Volunteer Service Category: Please describe the nominee's character, strengths, and any specific information that differentiates the nominee from others

Volunteer Program Champion Category: Please provide a description of the characters of the staff or leaders of the nonprofit/business/school. Give examples of the general atmosphere of the org and what is done differently at the org that differentiates the nominee from similar institutions.

Any additional information the review panel should know about the nominee or their service?

In three or four sentences, summarize the nominee, the nominee's service (make sure to include the nominee's name, primary service organization, and any service activities that makes the nominee unique)

(e.g. number of hours served, etc.)