Nominate: The Governor’s Outstanding Volunteer Manager of the Year

The 2021 Governor’s Outstanding Volunteer Manager of the Year Award will be presented at the Governor’s Conference on Volunteerism in May 2021.

Learn more about the Governor’s Conference on Volunteerism here

Nomination Deadline: Wednesday, March 31, 2021

This award was created by former Governor John Sununu to honor volunteer administrators and salute their excellence in leadership and management of volunteers in New Hampshire.

Nominee Eligibility:

  1. The nominee must have worked at least two years as a (paid or unpaid) manager of volunteers.
  2. The nominee must demonstrate excellence in program management, exhibit initiative in developing available resources, and be directly responsible for the development and management of a volunteer program at the local and/or state level.

Past recipients of the Governor’s Outstanding Volunteer Manager of the Year Award will not be considered.

Recipients of the Governor’s Outstanding Volunteer Manager of the Year Award achieve excellence and creativity in their work, and especially in:

  1. Program planning and organization
  2. Recruitment and directing

Nominations are scored based on NHAVA (NH Association of Volunteer Administrators) Volunteer Manager Competencies. It is HIGHLY recommended you read these before submitting your nomination.

Please note that although we will accept nominations for unpaid Volunteer Managers, it is unusual for these nominations to be competitive enough to be selected over a paid Volunteer Manager because of the scope of the work. Unpaid Volunteer Managers are typically great candidates for a Spirit of NH Award! Click here to learn more.

Nomination Procedure:
You will be asked for basic information (name, email address, etc.), along with the following questions:

  • How many years has the nominee been a Volunteer Manager? This should include time spent in their current role and any previous volunteer management roles.
  • Which volunteer program does the nominee currently manage?
  • How many volunteers does the nominee supervise?
  • Please summarize the volunteer program or activity that the nominee directs, including the impact of the program.
  • How does the nominee demonstrate excellence in their ability to establish and execute policies and procedures for recruitment, selection, orientation, training, evaluation and recognition for the volunteer program? Provide examples.
  • How has the nominee developed the volunteer program structure, procedures, design, and resources? Provide examples.
  • Please describe the nominee’s character, strengths, and any other details that differentiates the nominee from others in similar roles.
  • Please provide a brief description of the nominee’s professional accomplishments, community involvement, awards and honors.
  • How has the nominee worked to better their community and share their knowledge?

The nomination form must be accompanied by two letters of testimony (not to exceed 750 words each). You can either submit the recommendations with this form (pasting content into the last 2 questions), or you are welcome to email the letters to