Apply: 2024-2025 AmeriCorps Formula Grant Funding


Volunteer NH receives an annual allocation from AmeriCorps (the federal agency) to subgrant to organizations for AmeriCorps-related programming. This allocation (known as “Formula funds”) is meant for Volunteer NH to prioritize grant funding for projects that address New Hampshire-specific issues (as identified in the New Hampshire State Service Plan). In addition, Volunteer NH seeks to support the annual priorities set by AmeriCorps.

The information below outlines the separate Planning and Program Notices of Funding Opportunities (NOFO). Applicants must read the NOFOs carefully in order to be in compliance with all requirements.

Important Dates: Planning Grants


Date Item Notes
Thursday, February 22 Planning Grant Concept Paper Due

Link to Submit the Concept Paper

(Planning Grants must submit a Concept Paper in order to be considered to submit a full Planning Grant application)

Additionally, all organizations wishing to submit a Concept Paper must view the required Planning Grant Training here.

Wednesday, March 1 Volunteer NH Notification of approval or rejection of Concept Paper Applicants with approved Concept Papers will be invited to submit a full application.
Friday, March 22 Approved organizations’ applications (along with identified additional documents) due in eGrants by 5pm.

Important Dates: Program Grants


Date Item Notes
Wednesday, March 1 Intent to Apply due (5pm) Intent to Apply Link
Thursday, March 28 Applications & Additional Documents Due by 5pm See “Submission of Additional Documents” section in the NOFO for more information.
April 15-19 Notification of Approval or Rejection Clarification requests may accompany notification.

2024-2025 Notices of Funding Opportunity (NOFO)

Planning Grants

An AmeriCorps Planning Grant is awarded by Volunteer NH to eligible organizations to spend up-to one year developing a full AmeriCorps program – including preparing member documents, securing community partners, and deciding the most appropriate member activities. No AmeriCorps members come with this grant.

Maximum Grant Request: $75,000

In an effort to prepare organizations to operate full AmeriCorps programs, Volunteer NH requires that those who do not have AmeriCorps experience to apply for a Planning Grant first.

You can read the Planning Grant Frequently Asked Questions here.

Watch the required Planning Grant Overview Training here.

 Program Grants

An AmeriCorps Program Grant is awarded to an organization to operate a program with (typically) a minimum of 10 members serving full-time for a period of 10-12 months in New Hampshire communities.

Maximum Grant Request: The maximum amount requested is based upon the number and type of members in the program application.

Past Experience Required: All applicants to this competition must have already had experience operating an AmeriCorps program (in NH or elsewhere) or have successfully completed a Planning Grant with Volunteer NH.

Please read the NOFO carefully.


If you have questions, contact the appropriate Volunteer NH Staff Member:

For fiscal questions, contact Finance & Grants Officer, Lesley Rossi (

For programmatic and all other non-fiscal questions, please contact Senior Program Officer, Andrea Johnston ( with a ‘cc to Program Officer, Emily Planchet (


Planning Grant Resources

Planning Grant Informational Session

    Not Ready for a Grant Yet?

    No problem! If your organization is looking for support but isn’t ready to operate a grant, there are other AmeriCorps resources you can benefit from.

    Become an AmeriCorps Program Host Site

    If your organization goals and activities align with an already-operating AmeriCorps program, you might be able to host one (or more) AmeriCorps members. Application processes vary, so make sure to reach out to the specific program’s contact. Click here to view current AmeriCorps programs.

    Become a Project Site for an AmeriCorps Day of Service.

    There are three days of service (in January, March, and September) where AmeriCorps members are asked to serve a half-to-a-full day in in their communities. Does your organization need painting, organizing, filing, or cleaning done? Let us know! Contact to learn more.

    Apply for an AmeriCorps NCCC Project

    Does your organization have a short-term project (6-8 weeks) that a group 8-12 AmeriCorps members could work full-time on? Then consider submitting a concept paper for an NCCC project! Typical activities can include disaster-recovery, energry conservation, environmental stewardship, infrastructure improvement, and/or urban and rural development, and much more! Contact Alana Svensen ( to learn more.