2023 Spirit of NH Awards

Celebrating 20 Years

About the Spirit of NH Awards

Volunteer NH has been hosting the Spirit of NH Awards as an annual celebration of volunteerism since 2003. This event recognizes those who go above and beyond the call to serve throughout the Granite State, shining a spotlight on the often unsung heroes among us in front of an audience of their families, friends, colleagues, and the greater community.



Watch the Recording

The awards were live-streamed to Youtube from the Bank of NH Stage on Monday, October 23rd from 6:30-8:00 PM. Thank you to ConcordTV for providing this streaming service!

Awardee Highlights

The People’s Choice Award

Congratulations to the 2023 People’s Choice Awardee, Kari Karwedsky


Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is NEW this year in 2023. The winner of our 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award is Doug Moorhead, of Thornton, New Hampshire.

Doug has spent his entire adult life in Public Service, in both his professional and his private life. As a police officer (and then Chief) for decades, he would occupy a desk in the hallway and instead use his office into a storage room for the various food and clothing drives he would run in his free time. In his private life, Doug started volunteering in the 1980s, doing volunteer rescues as a young Forest Ranger in college. From there he never stopped. He’s been volunteering for the NH Special Olympics of over 30 years in a multitude of capacities – participating in their events and fundraisers. He’s also essentially runs a catering catering operation for any nonprofit that needs food for events and fundraisers. He’s been president of both the Lions and Rotary Clubs, and has been with his current Rotary Club for 28 years. He currently serves as President of the North Country Public Safety Foundation and was on the founding board of the ADAPT (Alcohol and Drug Prevention Tools) program, helping children at risk for substance misuse. Even while he’s on vacation, Doug finds a way to volunteer, whether it’s working at a soup kitchen in Florida or bringing banana bread to a pantry in New York. All these examples show that Doug lives, eats and breaths volunteerism – and New Hampshire is a much better place with him in it.

Watch Doug receive his award:


The Spirit of NH Award

The Spirit of NH Award honors one individual or group which, in the opinion of the nomination review panel, best exemplifies the spirit of service in New Hampshire.

Congratulations to the 2023 Spirit of NH Award Winner, Justin Vanasse!

Youth/Young Adult Category

This category recognizes individual volunteers age 22 or younger.

Outstanding Awardee: Sophia Day

Sophia has given over 80 hours of service to her community to earn the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout in high school can achieve. Her Care Bags with a Purpose program has resulted in 40 middle and high school students being provided with food, hygiene products, a few fun items, and information on how to find safe and free activities to enjoy through the summer, fulfilling a desperate need in her community. She has also participated in many more hours of community service, and the Somersworth area has significantly benefitted from her involvement.

Rose Cote

Even though Rose has only been a volunteer with Darbster for a year, she has proven herself to be a valuable volunteer. Her ability to introduce cats and dogs to people attending adoption events while carefully monitoring their reactions to strangers is a critical part of the work Darbster does in the community.

Stari Gonzales-Aviles

Stari has only been a volunteer with the NH Teen Institute for a year but she is well-loved by her community. She is  easygoing and always willing to help wherever needed. Stari has helped bring the wonder and beauty of the night sky to participants in the Teen Institute’s Leaders in Prevention program, and creates magic though the little moments of her service.

Riyah Patel

Riyah has been recognized with several national and state awards for her leadership in creating New American Scholars, an organization that mobilizes volunteers to tutor New American students. What truly differentiates Riyah is her ability to speak passionately and change minds. Although she is in her teenage years, she exudes a level of thoughtfulness, empathy, and self-awareness that is unparalleled among her peers.

Adult Category

This category recognizes individual volunteers age 23-64.

Outstanding Awardee: Dana Hedrick

Dana is a caring individual who has fostered many animals (as well as children) over the years. For the last decade, with the Animal Rescue League of NH (ARLNH), she has generously given her time, talent, and boundless energy to further the mission of the organization– doing anything that needs to be done. From cleaning kennels to animal transport, dog walking, laundry, sorting donations, and more, Dana can be found at ARLNH every weekend. 

Karen Beals

Karen has been volunteering for CASA of NH for the past 4 years and goes above and beyond supervising the DCYF cases of twice the families of the average CASA volunteer. But that doesn’t stop her from being highly engaged in all of her children’s cases, including seeing each child monthly including those in placement out of state.

Lori Beaulieu

Lori’s positive impact extends beyond the scope of her standard duties. Her kind, compassionate, and reliable nature has endeared her to both the staff and the patients at North Country Home Health and Hospice. Her humility and dedication shine through in her selfless commitment to the organization’s mission and her genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of those she serves.

Jen Beaudoin

Through her work putting together safe injection and wound care kits, Jen is helping save the lives of community members. She has become the backbone of the New Hampshire Harm Reduction Coalition volunteer team in the past two years– there was a time when she was the only volunteer the team could rely on to always show up and get whatever needed doing done.

Patrick Bernard

Patrick has spent the last 3 years organizing soccer clubs for at risk and refugee children, sometimes spending 20 hours a week or more getting together volunteer time and donations to provide transport, equipment, and sponsors…in other words, Patrick finds a way to provide everything needed to run a soccer club.

Katie Gagnon

Katie is a board member of the Laura’s World Fund, which has funded the Caring Cupboards program in Merrimack for over 5 years. Through her tireless efforts, she provides healthy snacks to all 5 schools in her district, as well as the public library. She has also supported multiple Drive Though Food Pantry events for a local Girl Scout troop, which continues to grow and support even more families.

Kaleigh Greene

Kaleigh has spent over 40 hours a month for the past decade donating her time and skills to the Concord Young Professionals Network, the Friendly Kitchen, the Scouts, the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce, the local veterans home, and more. Her work and dedication to her community is an inspiration!

Jacqueline Hamilton

Since she began volunteering with Future In Sight in 2018, Jackie has directly supported over 25 clients, many of whom she assists weekly. By providing rides to individuals who are blind or visually impaired she helps them access healthcare and peer support. In addition, Jackie also assisted with the creation of a Braille library.

Cindy Hemeon-Plessner

Cindy has been volunteering for the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction for the past 17 years. As a board member and part of the Executive committee, she meets regularly to offer insight and direction, and enrolls the local branches as donation collection sites each year. She has dedicated hundreds of hours to nonprofits that help children and families in need, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, and is deeply committed to serving the Greater Lakes Region.

Gianna James

Gianna participated in Teen Institute programs as a teenager and when she moved back to NH two years ago, she was eager to assist in their work as a volunteer. Since then she has shown dedication: volunteering 200 hours a month assisting in day programs, staffing overnight retreats, and joining the board of directors.

Kari Karwedsky

Kari has been volunteering with FIRST for 8 years. Most recently, she served as a chair on their tournament events across the state. These events are 3-4 days and host dozens of high schools but Kari keeps everything running smoothly with her team of volunteers. Through these volunteer led STEM events Kari has touched the lives of thousands of high schoolers across the Granite State.

Christine Messenger

Christine has been a volunteer with Turning Point for two years. In addition to the required trainings she has sought out additional training opportunities to expand her work teaching violence prevention to students. While she works with every member of the school ecosystem, her skills have really shone in her ability to connect with students of all ages and across students personalities and circumstances.

Michelle Mainz

Michele has been volunteering with Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains for 7 years but has volunteered with the Girl Scouts of America since being a member herself as a child. She is currently a leader for Troop 10427 who under her leadership have done everything from rock climbing to assisting a guinea pig sanctuary. Through these adventures, they are building skills and giving back through community service.

Julia Miville

For the past year, Julia has been known as the “Wednesday morning volunteer” at Darbster Rescue. She donates her time volunteering with the rescue dogs, working alongside staff, to help give them the best life possible. The dogs need feeding, kennels need cleaning, and things need washing – Julia does it all with a smile. Life at the kennel can get hectic, but Wednesdays are a little easier thanks to Julia.

Jenn Morton

Jenn has devoted her time to assisting organizations in her community including Nashua Pride, The Nashua Soup Kitchen, Peacock Players Youth Theater, and End 68 Hours of Hunger. Between all of her weekly commitments to these organizations, it shakes out to the equivalent of a full-time job. Jen is always there to do what needs to get done without complaint.

Katie Rich

Katie is a dedicated volunteer with Darbster Kitty, doing anything that needs to be done from socializing the cats to taking care of dietary and hygiene needs. She spends her lunch breaks volunteering, and is someone that Darbster knows they can always call on when something needs to be done.

Lisa Roche

Lisa has a special ability to connect with even the most abused and lost horses. Her patience, compassion, understanding, and respect for them and their situations conveys a peaceful, trustworthy energy that the horses simply resonate with. Lisa also guides the farm’s weekly, free-to-the-public, educational walking tour that provides information about the history of the rescue, the work they currently do, and shares the stories of the animals that reside there.

Ara Tamzarian

Ara volunteers both with Manchester Central Little League as well as Manchester Grows, an organization that coordinates low to no-cost agriculture-related events in the city’s lowest-income areas, helping underserved communities have access to recreation, grow spaces, fresh produce, and community events and activities. His work is crucial for these areas that are so often overlooked by the city and other organizations. On top of that work, he has also been involved with Families in Transition, NH Community Loan Fund, Neighborworks, and more!

Karen Paquet

If you’ve adopted your dog from Darbster Rescue, you’ve probably met Karen. She volunteers on average 20 hours a month at Darbster Dog and she also volunteers with Northeast Canine. She is who Darbster relies on when it comes to dog adoptions and following up with the families, which is an incredibly important part of the process of adopting out dogs.

Christopher B. Petrovic

Christopher volunteers with Darbster Kitty every Thursday taking pictures for the cats that need to be adopted. Christopher’s love and care for the cats is apparent and the patience he shows with even the most unenthusiastic to be photographed has shown big results. More dynamic social media profiles for the adoptable cats means he has given each cat he has worked with a higher chance of finding their forever family.

Kate Wilcox

Kate has been volunteering with The Society for the Protection of NH Forests (Forest Society) since 2013 as a land steward at the Salmon Falls Forest in Milton, NH. In addition to her land steward tasks, Kate has also become a go-to volunteer photographer for the Society, producing high-quality photos that document the forests and lands so beautifully. These photos are represented in online and print materials put out by the Forest Society.

Senior Category

This category recognizes individual volunteers age 65+.

Outstanding Awardee: Dick Robbins

Dick has served as a hospice volunteer with Rockingham VNA and Hospice for 8 years. In this time, he has provided companionship to patients in their homes, sat vigil with the actively dying, assisted the organization with events, helped train new volunteers, and more. He has a remarkable ability to set clients at ease during the most difficult time in their lives, and always meets them where they are at in the progression of their disease, all while providing enriching activities or conversation or whatever his clients need or want.

Donna Baker-Hartwell

Donna is a retired art educator who gives her time to the Boys and Girls Club of Central New Hampshire, providing art lessons and serving on the organization’s DEI committee. She is a compassionate individual and positive role model who engages the children wholeheartedly in what she teaches them. Her presence and skill in teaching provides an enriching experience for the children and makes her invaluable to the Boys and Girls Club.

Nora Boyle

Nora has served with the Greater Nashua Habitat for Humanity, and has worn many hats in that time. In addition to serivng as treasure and her terms on the board of directors, she has been instrumental in getting the Critial Home Repair up and running again. She is a huge ambassador for the organization and has recruited several volunteers and board members. Whether through fundraising, outreach, or other activities, Nora’s contributions have made a difference in people’s lives.

Peter Carlin

Peter’s role as an RSVP volunteer is to drive seniors to medical appointments. He is a hugely important resource in the lives of many– willing to help out at a moment’s notice, and always reliable. Peter not only drives for RSVP but also for Future in Sight, meaning the impact of his service is felt in many regions of the state.

Kim Campbell

Kim has served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for 10 years, advocating for a total of 10 children involved in abuse and neglect cases– some of these cases lasting for years at a time. Kim consistently goes above and beyond in the lives of her clients, staying by their side until they have found a permanent and safe living situation. The children benefit from her consistency and talent in what she does.

Donna Cusick

Donna is an expert volunteer builder with the Greater Nashua Habitat for Humanity and has been for over 8 years. She participates in the home-building process from start to finish– raising walls, window and door installation, painting, carpentry, flooring, landscaping, and more. She is not only a key resource in the building process but also serves as a role model on the building team and for the clients.

Charlie Chapman

Charlie cares deeply about his service to LISTEN’s Food Pantry Program. Not only does he pick up donations from local donors, process them, and return creates to donors, he also delivers weekly groceries to customers and develops relationships with them. He makes sure that people are fed both physically and socially.

Doris Demers

Doris has served in AmeriCorps Seniors as a Foster Grandparent for 23 years. At the age of 87, she still volunteers 30+ hours per week for a lifetime total of 23,000 hours. For the past 15 years, she has volunteered at Bartlett Elementary School in Goffstown in a third grade classroom. She is an integral part of the school community, and a beyond reliable volunteer. “Miss Doris” is so loved by the staff and students of Bartlett Elementary.

Maurice Demers

Maurice has been volunteering with the Franco-American Centre for 15 years in a variety of roles. He regularly connects with new French immigrants, helping them feel welcome and sharing his knowledge of the area, all the while being able to speak to them in French. Through his passion for photography, he captures the modern Franco-American story and is instrumental is archiving the Franco-American heritage of New Hampshire. Also a great people-person, Maurice been a Granite State Ambassador since 2011, serving almost 3,000 hours providing valuable information and a friendly face at the Manchester Airport!

Bill Douglas

Bill has 12 years of experience with Southeast New Hampshire Habitat for Humanity, and he is skilled in all areas of residential construction. He is a leader in the organization as well and trains new volunteers, creating a positive learning environment on the job site. Bill’s attitude and expertise helps maintain a steady flow of work and a great experience for all involved.

Ken Grinnell

Ken is a pillar of caring, dedication, and work ethic towards the end goal for the International Institute of New England’s clients, which is to become thriving members of our Manchester community and beyond. For many of IINE’s clients, Ken is the one who helped them get their driver’s license and car insurance that empowered them to get and keep their first jobs in the U.S. on their pathways to self-sufficiency. He is involved with the organization in so many ways and has touched the lives of many clients.

Anita Hall

Anita has been a volunteer with UpReach Therapeutic Equestrian Center for over 8 years, leading with a calm voice and demeanor to make sure those in her care are taken care of. UpReach strives to improve the well-being of individuals with disabilities through therapeutic horse riding. Not only does she help the clients, but she is dedicated to the upkeep of the horses, grounds, and stables making sure everything runs seamlessly.

Susan Henderson

Susan volunteers with the Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains with the vigor of young Girl Scout. At 88, she still brings her skills to support over 150 volunteers who in turn support over 250 young girls. She is thorough and thoughtful in her work making sure that the young girls are getting the best experience possible.

John Herrick

John has been volunteering at Pisgah State Park for over 20 years. His mechanical aptitude – especially with backhoes and loaders, work ethic, and ability to solve problems have become a truly important asset to the State Park system and the local community who depend on access to the 13,000-acre park. Quite simply, without John’s service, Pisgah wouldn’t be open to the public today.

Sally Hooper

Sally has been a volunteer with Home Health and Hospice Care for 10 years, and most recently has been volunteering at the Community Hospice House providing a safe and welcoming environment for patients and their families. She was chosen to pilot a new volunteer role of Hospice Ambassador, helping to support new admissions to the Community Hospice House. Her excellent people skills and knowledge of hospice care means she is a reliable and invaluable support to the organization as well as those they serve.

Eileen Kane

Eile spends a considerable amount of time volunteering with Overcomers Refugee Services. Her focus is with New Americans on preparing for Citizenship and English as a second language, and she has tutored over 20 individuals over the past two years, sometimes taking on more than one client at a time. She is patient and understanding of cultural differences and the impact that trauma may have on the experience of being a refugee.

Helen Ann Kelly

Helen Ann Kelly serves with the Monadnock RSVP Volunteer Center both with the America Reads program and the Neighbors In-Deed program. She spends a lot of time connecting with young readers in the classroom. Helen Ann also does a lot to make sure that older adults living alone have companionship. Her work is important to the lives of many homebound seniors as well as schoolchildren.

Dick Kuhl

Dick has mentored more than 175 clients in the last 7 years alone through SCORE Granite Region, but has been a part of the organization since 2002. He has served the chapter in many roles, including as the media contact, on the marketing committee, and on the client assignment team. His guidance has helped countless small business owners and his reliability has been a great support to the SCORE chapter.

Jamie Laurent

Jamie Laurent is a force within the Lakes Region volunteering on behalf of the New Hampshire Boat Museum. She spends countless hours fundraising, teaching, and leading events even when she broke her hip! Her passion is unmatched and her service is invaluable to the success of the NH Boat Museum.

Paula Lesmerises

Paula is a person full of passion, bravery, and strength, who has dedicated her life to making the lives of children and youth safer. She has filled a number of roles within the Crisis Center of Central NH: Staffing the crisis line, tabling at community events, serving on the prevention education team, and more. She herself is a survivor, and in telling her own story, provides powerful testimony and education to families on trauma. Paula is a remarkable volunteer at CCCNH and is an integral member of their team.

Kathleen McIntyre

Kathie is a humble and selfless volunteer for the Good Grief program through the Friends of Aine. She spends so much time behind the scenes making sure grief groups and other operations of the organization go off without a hitch. Kathie is always willing to take on new projects while writing hand-written notes for those grieving, making baked goods for people, or organizing events to bring the community together.

Marianne O'Malley

Marianne has volunteered for the St. Joseph’s Hospital thrift shop, The Grey Nuns Thrift Shop for over 13 years. Her ability to turn often random or broken items into wearable creations has created quite a following – and earned her the nickname “jewelry lady”. Her dedication and care for her service, in addition to the funds garnered from her pieces, has allowed St. Joseph’s Hospital to continue their voucher program that supports other community agencies.

Gary Sheehan

UNH Extension Master Gardener Gary Sheehan has made a lasting impact on the statewide Free Seeds for Education program. At personal financial and time cost to himself, he drives around the state making sure the program continues on to make an impact for students to learn about gardening, sustainability, and pollinators.

Clara Sheehy

Clara is a determined advocate for the children that is tasked in protecting and advocating for. For over 13 years she has brought so much to the program through her skills and passion for families. CASA NH is grateful for her service.

Catherine Smith

For over a year, Catherine has been sharing her musical talent with the residents of Cornerstone VNA. She brings the residents so much joy with her music and conversation. Catherine brings a positive outlook and brightens residents day each week and creates community with the residents.

Kay Taylor

Kay has been an invaluable Foster Grantparent volunteer with the AmeriCorps Seniors program. As a Foster grandparent at Beaver Meadow School in Concord, she supports 1st grade students in both academic and social areas. More than that, she continually goes above and beyond in her work – prepping her materials, reviewing lesson plans to make sure she’s prepared to help, and even making banana muffins for her students to enjoy. Her ability to adapt and the skills she brings from her background are demonstrated daily.

Dave Treat

Dave has been volunteering with the Southeast Land Trust for over 5 years and has become an integral part of the organization’s work in the Hampstead area. He goes above and beyond with his attention to detail on paperwork and maintaining the accreditation of the land trust. He is helping to ensure the future of this conservation effort.

James Tuttle

Jim has been a passionate volunteer at the Raymond Coalition For Youth since its inception in 2002. Currently, he’s supporting their bag recycling program, collecting plastic bags from various sites that will be turned into benches that will be placed around the town. Embodying the mission of promoting positive healthy choices for youth, Jim strives in and out of his volunteer role to give a friendly hello and a positive comment to share with the young people in the community, at events, and everywhere he goes.

Group Category

This category recognizes groups of 2+ individuals who volunteer together or with the same organization.

Outstanding Awardee: The RSVP Volunteer Shoppers

The RSVP Volunteer Shoppers started during the pandemic as a way of providing a contact-free shopping service to older adults to ensure they had access to food without the risk associated with going to the grocery store. They have continued serving their clients, this year alone accomplishing hundreds of shopping trips all while helping combat social isolation and conducting safety checks on their well-being. One client reports, “The volunteer does so much more than shopping. She also brings a smile to my door. I can stay where I am because of my volunteer.”

Tracy and Finley Charette

Tracy, a human, and Finley, a therapy dog, are a critical part of the Elliot Hospital care team, providing support and love when it is needed most. They are always available for urgent visits, dedicating enormous amounts of time and unquantifiable amounts of good to patients and families and also importantly staff of the hospital. This duo is involved in many events and ceremonies and are a visible, sustaining part of the hospital community and all that interact with the hospital.

Christ the King Food Pantry Volunteers

Christ the King Food Pantry Volunteers serve a vital role by providing food, comfort, and care to those in the Concord community who need additional help. They have a longstanding dedicated group of volunteers of all ages who treat each guest as a full human being and extend God’s love through their center and the volunteers who go above and beyond to reach 20-50 families 4 nights a week.

Granite VNA Hospice House Greeters

Granite VNA Hospice House Greeters are captains of care and compassion during challenging times of fear, loss, and grief. They show visitors to their rooms, offer drinks and snacks, help with administrative tasks, and even screened visitors during the pandemic. Most importantly, they ensure that families and visitors of patients receive a warm welcome during a very difficult time. Always going above and beyond, over the past year these 34 volunteers contributed almost 1000 combined hours as greeters. They are truly the “face of the Hospice House”.

Moultonborough Sandwich Senior Meals Volunteers

Moultonborough Sandwich Senior Meals Volunteers go about the quiet, often unseen, but so necessary role of caring for our elderly. They make a quantifiable impact but serving food 4 days a week and providing food for the other three days, and not just nourishing people’s bodies but providing them with a social touchpoint and a reminder they are still valuable and seen.

Stephen Ministers at Christ the King Parish

Christ the King Parish, Stephen Ministries, truly are the hands and feet of good – providing true support to those going through major traumatic events, like the loss of a loved one, a terminal diagnosis, or divorce, to the less intense (though still stressful) life transitions, such as moving, job loss, or even getting married. Stephen Ministers go through extensive training (50+ hours) to meet people exactly where they are for as much time as they need to start feeling whole again.

SCORE Granite Region Volunteers

SCORE Granite Region’s volunteers provide free mentoring services throughout the state of New Hampshire to anyone thinking about starting a business, in the process of becoming a business, or who have been a business for years . All of their volunteers are current or former business owners who donate their time to help other small businesses. Their volunteers are unique in that these mentorships are not just for one meeting, but for the lifetime of the business. Some client and mentor relationships span decades! SCORE volunteers bring not only years of experience and much needed expertise, but true dedication to go above and beyond for their clients to help them succeed.

We Honor Veterans Team

The Home Health & Hospice Care at the We Honor Veterans Team makes an enormous impact in the community. The team works towards remarkable healing as veterans who have suffered trauma or moral injury have had an opportunity to reflect and process with a fellow veteran volunteer. They focus on incredibly important pinning ceremonies for veterans, and understand the deep level of respect and dignity that are required for the veteran celebration of life.

Volunteer Champion Category

This category recognizes nonprofit/public service organizations and businesses for their volunteer initiatives.

Outstanding Awardee: Concord End of Life Companions Volunteer Program

The End of Life Companions Volunteer Program at Concord Hospital was started in 2022 as a response to a growing awareness that there were patients passing without a family member or loved one by their bedside. Volunteers are trained to provide a compassionate, non-judgmental, and soothing presence for patients at the end of life. These volunteers provide comfort to patients and also relieve stress on nursing staff. In a short amount of time, this program has made a large impact with an overwhelming amount of commitment from its volunteers and so much gratitude from both the medical staff and the loved ones who are unable to be present during this difficult time.

Future In Sight Volunteer Program

For over 111 years, volunteers at Future In Sight (founded as the NH Association of the Blind) have been dedicating their time and knowledge to serve individuals who are blind and visually impaired across the state of New Hampshire. Volunteers act as guides, drivers, visitors, trainers, and companions to the clients they serve. In the last 18 months, more than 50 volunteers provided these essential services. By donating their time, these volunteers are giving individuals across the state the opportunity to not only live with blindness or visual impairment – but to thrive!

Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership NH

Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership NH is special because the majority of their volunteers are alumni of their programs. Not only do they give their time to the organization, but many participate in other community service initiatives in addition to HOBY NH. In addition, many ambassadors enjoy their experience so much that they are eager to participate in alumni activities, give back to their communities, and volunteer at the next seminar as one of our junior facilitators.

Lincoln Woodstock Rotary Interact Club

Lincoln Woodstock Rotary Interact Club provides a very comprehensive opportunity for young people (and people of all ages) to get involved with other service-minded members of their community to make an impact locally and abroad. The club has been very active the past few years especially, and has adapted to COVID and adapted post COVID. They have been incredibly successful at organizing, motivating, and implementing goodness.

The Pleasant Lake Preservation Association (PLPA) Lake Host Program

The Pleasant Lake Preservation Association (PLPA) Lake Host Program maintains an organized group of 20+ volunteers dedicated to preserving their beautiful lake’s water quality. Their volunteers conduct courtesy boat inspections and educate boaters on the importance of keeping their boats and trailers free of invasive plant and animal species that are harmful to the lake. Their work substantially benefits resident property owners and visitors by keeping property values high and the lake water quality as pristine and healthy as possible. The program was started more than 20 years ago, and today many of the volunteers have been with the program since its inception. Their dedication is evident through their impact on their community.

Sato Heart Rescue

Volunteerism is the cornerstone of Sato Heart Rescue’s success. When its stated that these individuals are dedicated, they even spend time outside in snow, rain, sleet, and heat to bring dogs who are in quarantine outside for play time and social time, clean the dog’s dirty cages and the outdoor yard after potty time, deal with dogs who sometimes don’t like other dogs, or don’t like people – all in the name of the organization’s mission to give them a second chance at life.

St Joseph's Hospital Grey Nuns Thrift Shop

The Grey Nun’s Thrift Shop supports the Nashua community in a variety of ways and provide necessary access to goods and other provisions of many kinds. They partner with many other community agencies for the general betterment of the Nashua community. The volunteers go above and beyond to make the customers feel valued, seen, and helped in a dignified way.

The Congregational Church of Laconia

The Congregational Church of Laconia in conjunction with Belknap House, provides support to members of the Laconia community who need extra help, but most importantly they teach their families “how to fish”. They did not let COVID disrupt their mission of feeding, teaching, and empowering families to be self-sufficient and equip them with skills to not just change their moment, but change their trajectory.

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