COVID-19 Response in New Hampshire

Volunteer NH and its community partners are working to ensure the health of New Hampshire residents, we need your help. The spirit of volunteerism and community service are alive and well during COVID-19. Those that are considering volunteering have options, including both in-person and virtual opportunities.

For up-to-date information on COVID-19, please visit:


 NH Gives: June 9 – 10 (6 PM – 6 PM)

What is NH Gives?

 NH Gives – an initiative of the NH Center for Nonprofits – is a powerful, statewide 24-hour online fundraising event that is designed to build community, connect donors to local nonprofits and generate excitement about the nonprofit sector.

How to Get Involved

Join the giving on June 8 – 9 (5 PM – 5 PM)! Here’s how you can support Volunteer NH:

  • Make a donation:
  • Spread the word: Text a friend. Forward this email. Tag @VolunteerNH on Facebook and Twitter on @Volunteer_NH on Instagram and use the hashtags #volunteernh and #NHGives
  • Volunteer: Get Connected to volunteer opportunities throughout New Hampshire
  • Recruit volunteers: Nonprofit organizations use Get Connected to post their volunteer opportunities

The Impact of NH Gives

Now more than ever, flexible funding is what allows Volunteer NH and other local, nonprofit organizations to respond quickly and effectively.

When disasters strike, Volunteer NH provides the critical service of connecting nonprofits to the volunteer resources required to address community needs throughout New Hampshire. The real success of NH Gives will not be how much money we raise but the tremendous impact those dollars will have across New Hampshire when we put them to work!

Information for Nonprofit Organizations

How to List Your Volunteer and In-Kind Donation Needs

Volunteer NH recognizes the critical work of NH nonprofits and offers Get Connected as a resource to help with locating volunteer and material resources to assist. Nonprofits new to Get Connected can click here to register. Nonprofits registered with Get Connected can list their opportunities, making sure to select “COVID-19 Volunteer Needs” or COVID-19 In-Kind Donations Needed from the Initiative field for easy sorting.

If you have opportunities that are already listed on Get Connected, please edit the “Initiative” field, selecting the appropriate COVID-19 need so that individuals will know that you are still looking for volunteers or other resources during this time.

Individuals can search listings within the COVID-19 initiatives and click “respond” if they are interested in offering their time or resources to assist. This will alert your volunteer manager, who can then reach out directly to the interested volunteer. Your organization will be responsible for coordinating with the individual(s) who have responded, and a response is not a guaranteed user.

If you are an individual in need of assistance, 211 NH provides the residents of NH with easy and accurate access to health and human services and to meet their needs daily and in times of crisis. Call 2-1-1 from anywhere in New Hampshire (or 1-866-444-4211 from outside New Hampshire).

Keeping Volunteers Safe and Healthy

Preparedness for organizations: Organizations accepting volunteers should follow social distancing safeguards. Additional restrictions, such as limiting volunteers to best protect vulnerable populations, may be appropriate. All volunteers should be screened prior to beginning volunteer service – this sample screening tool may be helpful, but please ensure that you are following current CDC and NH DHHS guidance. If someone has a fever, cough, or other symptoms, they should be sent home. All volunteers should wash hands regularly and all areas of the service site should be properly disinfected at each shift change.

Click here for volunteer guidelines related to COVID-19 response.



Information for Volunteers

Volunteer with an Organization

Below is a listing of local volunteer opportunities:

  • Medical volunteers, such as retired or furloughed doctors and nurses, can sign up at to help provide resources as the state’s medical systems become taxed. Non-medical volunteers can also sign up here to assist with services such as transportation,  security and other needs.
  • Volunteers interested in supporting NH nonprofits during the COVID-19 response, please create an account with Get Connected and select that, “Yes,” you are interested in volunteering in response to COVID-19. Register here.
    • As a Get Connected user, you can search volunteer listings within the COVID-19 Volunteer Needs Initiative and click “respond” if you are interested in offering your time to assist. This will alert the listing nonprofit, whose volunteer manager, can then reach out directly if your assistance is needed.  Indicating your interest in COVID-19 volunteer response is not a guarantee that you will be contacted. It also does not mean that you have to volunteer at all.

Volunteer NH does not endorse or recommend any particular volunteer opportunities. This is simply a clearinghouse for what is known to us.

Preparedness for volunteers: If you are feeling sick, or displaying any symptoms of illness, please stay home. Volunteers can get the job done, but we need you to be healthy and operating at 100% to make that happen! Please do not put yourself or anyone else at risk by going out into your community to volunteer when sick. If you are displaying signs of illness while you volunteer, you will be asked by the group you are volunteering with to return home. Click here for helpful info related to COVID-19 volunteer responseresponse.

Volunteer Independently

There are important ways to care for your community right from your own home and neighborhood. New Hampshire residents can safely help older adults and those with chronic health issues who are at higher risk.

Check in on your neighbors through call or text. As more and more people experience isolation, we encourage you to call and check in on your neighbors, especially those who may not have support networks or adequate resources. Ask if you can help with getting groceries or medication, shoveling, bringing a meal, or to provide companionship from a distance.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed right now but building connections and empathy can go a long way in reducing stress. Calling and texting is a good example of responsible social distancing. “CAP” is a great way to remember your neighbors:

C – Check on your neighbors (through call or text – or talking through the door)

A – Assess needs and assist when possible

P – Protect self and neighbors by adhering to social distancing guidelines

Some ideas/resources to help you go above and beyond:


Other Ways to Make an Impact

Make a cash donation. The long-term impact of COVID-19 on the nonprofit sector has the potential to be severe. Many nonprofits have had to cancel vital fundraising events and are bracing for a potential decline in charitable donations, which will make it challenging for them to achieve their missions. You can help build your community’s resilience by financially supporting local nonprofits.

Donate food or toiletries to a local pantry or homeless shelter. You can drop items right at the front door – no need to go inside.

Connect communities to up-to-date food resources: Are you providing food for those in need? Is your food pantry or kitchen in need of donations? If so, please fill out the NH Food-Access Map Survey to connect communities to food-access resources and needs around our state.

Donate blood: The American Red Cross is experiencing a severe shortage of blood donations. Additional health screenings, sanitation measures and social distancing guidelines have been implemented to ensure donor and staff safety. Learn more about where to donate.

Donate/Manufacture equipment: New Hampshire businesses can help provide personal protective gear for medical workers. Manufacturers that can make the gear or businesses with such gear on hand can go to to learn how to help.

Complete the census. The census is now available online. Census data directs billions of dollars of funding into communities each year, and New Hampshire is at risk of losing significant funding and other impacts. Do your part while you’re at home and be counted!

Connect with your children. In times of crisis, it’s common for youth to be curious and seek more attachment from parents, guardians, and caregivers. Answer their questions about COVID-19 with honest and age-appropriate information to ease their anxiety.

Be safe. Stay home. Get groceries once per week or less often if possible. Practice physical distancing — at least six feet! — but stay connected socially to friends, family, and neighbors. We are all in this together.



Please check back often as this page is continually updated when we are made aware of additional opportunities and resources. Email with suggested additions.

Get Connected

Volunteer NH and Granite United Way have partnered to bring you Get Connected, an online hub for volunteerism in New Hampshire. Volunteers use Get Connected to find nearby opportunities that fit their interests and schedules. Nonprofits use it to attract, manage and report on volunteer activities in their organizations. Needs are searchable and categorized by location, organization and/or focus (such as animals, disaster relief, etc.).

With Get Connected, both volunteering and volunteer recruitment have never been easier.