Project Overview

Volunteer NH is seeking a Consultant to analyze the organization’s current Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) efforts, and to develop and help implement a tailored training and accountability plan for the remainder of 2022. This individual will work alongside the VNH staff and Board of Directors.



Volunteer NH is a nonprofit organization with a mission to engage New Hampshire communities to solve local challenges through volunteerism.

Volunteer NH:

  • Promotes volunteerism throughout New Hampshire – especially through the use of Get Connected, our volunteer matching website.
  • Recognizes outstanding volunteer contributions at the annual Spirit of NH Awards ceremony and through initiatives such as Volunteer of the Month social media posts.
  • Trains volunteers and volunteer managers at the annual Governor’s Conference on Volunteerism and through partnerships with local organizations.
  • Supports local service programs in our role as the State Service Commission, awarding federal funding, monitoring New Hampshire’s AmeriCorps programs, and facilitating collaboration between local AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps Seniors programs.
  • Partners with disaster service organizations to identify and/or train volunteers to meet community needs.

Volunteer NH has a small staff with limited capacity to dedicate the time and effort required to develop and implement a thoughtful and effective JEDI Plan (view the draft plan).

We have recently established a JEDI Taskforce made up of members of the VNH Board of Directors who have the enthusiasm and dedication to make big strides. The committee is supported in a limited capacity by VNH staff. The organization seeks a Consultant who can work closely with the JEDI Taskforce to help bring their vision to life in a successful and sustainable manner.


Project Focus

Volunteer NH anticipates the Consultant conducting a two-phased approach to this project:

1. Conduct an analysis of existing materials and organizational alignment.
Review the draft VNH JEDI Plan and similar content from other organizations within the national service field. Conduct key stakeholder interviews and focus groups with VNH staff and Board members to understand the organizational alignment of these efforts.

2. Develop and help to implement a tailored training and accountability plan.
Propose recommended next steps based on what is learned from the analysis phase. Develop a calendar for VNH staff and Board members including suggested topics, trainers, and performance measures.


Project Activities

In conducting this work, the Consultant will have access to:

  • VNH staff and members of the VNH Board of Directors for consultation
  • VNH JEDI Plan (view the draft plan)
  • VNH Board meetings, notes, and relevant documents

The Consultant will be key in helping Volunteer NH to implement an effective and sustainable JEDI Plan. While the design of the exact strategy will be a joint effort between the Consultant, VNH staff and Board of Directors, and our JEDI Taskforce, at a minimum we envision the following:

  • Drawing upon specific regional and JEDI expertise, the Consultant should be able to assess and provide timely and relevant feedback on the existing VNH JEDI plan.
  • The Consultant should be able to develop, in collaboration with the VNH staff and Board of Directors, a series of performance measures tied to JEDI.
  • The Consultant should produce a training plan for VNH staff and Board members through the end of 2022.



The Consultant will be expected to attend and/or present at 2+ Volunteer NH meetings, which may include full Board of Director meetings, JEDI Taskforce meetings, and/or others as deemed appropriate.

The Consultant will meet regularly with project leadership for status updates. Discussions will include the design, implementation, and results of evaluation strategies, training recommendations, and performance measures.

At a minimum, the evaluation strategies should include:

  • Assessment of Volunteer NH’s draft JEDI Plan and factors that have had the greatest influence on the success of similar organizations to date.
  • Assessment of existing knowledge and alignment of key stakeholders through interviews and/or focus groups.

At a minimum, the project plans should include:

  • Recommendations for improvements to Volunteer NH’s JEDI work to increase our impact.
  • A timeline outlining when each aspect of the plan shall take place.

At a minimum, the final report should include:

  • Assessment of Consultant work to date, including examples of where project goals were met or exceeded and where project goals were not met.
  • Recommendations for ensuring the long-term sustainability of the project activities/outcomes.



Qualified candidates will possess the following:

  • Demonstrated experience leading Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion planning, evaluation, and performance measures as a consultant for the nonprofit sector.
  • At least 5 years experience working with diverse communities and constituent groups, particularly those who are under-represented in the state of NH (e.g.: BIPOC communities, New Americans, LGBTQ+, Indigenous and/or Tribal communities)
  • Experience with a range of evaluation techniques for nonprofit organizations.
  • Ability to produce quality materials and reports in a timely manner.
  • An understanding of New Hampshire nonprofits.
  • Ability to represent Volunteer NH in a way that conveys the respect we hold for volunteers and volunteer programs, and our intention to strengthen New Hampshire communities through volunteerism.


Proposal Format

No specific format is required; however, applicants should include information on the following:

  • Knowledge and experience with prior evaluation efforts and JEDI-focused projects, including examples of previous work as appropriate.
  • Statement of organizational/Consultant mission and purpose as it relates to JEDI work.
  • Methodology of investigation.
  • A timeline with expected hours committed.
  • Project budget for completing work.
  • Statement of qualifications including resume, supporting letters, and/or references.


Timeline and Submission Requirement

Proposals should be received no later than Friday, March 11. Vetting of proposals and selection of the Consultant will take place within the next few weeks, with the work expected to commence in April.

Please submit all materials via email to: Mikayla Collins, Volunteer NH:

Direct inquiries to Mikayla via email or at 603-271-7200.