Understanding Your Communication Style to Work Effectively with Others: 2021 Governor’s Conference on Volunteerism

Presented by Kathy DesRoches, Ed.D., Program Director, MS Leadership & Nonprofit Certificate, Granite State College; Mercedes Hunt, Ph.D., Director of Undergrad Business Programs, Granite State College

Session Description:

Attend this fun workshop to learn the value of personality assessments. In this session, you will take the DOTS Communication Quiz to identify your communication style. Knowing your style is helpful when communicating with others. You will understand your preferred communication style and will recognize why communication is not one size fits all. You will be encouraged to assess others in your life such as co-workers, partners, or friends, and how their styles differ from your own. This may explain why your partner or friends seem to tune you out or your own frustrations when someone talks on and on.

Practicing active listening will further help you to conquer the communication divide as you learn to pick up clues to improve your relationships. Understanding these subtle differences is valuable in one’s professional and personal life.

Note: there are numerous assessments and you may want to further explore these assessments themselves after the session. We will use personality assessments so participants may discover their communication style.

Session Goals:

By the end of this session, participants will have learned how to:

  • identify their communication style
  • see how it impacts others
  • employ active listening techniques



Kathy DesRoches, Ed.D. is the Masters in Leadership Program Director for Granite State College. Kathy holds a Doctorate in Education from Plymouth State. She is the founding member of the nonprofit NHVegFest and chair of the Planning Board in Epsom.

Mercedes Hunt, Ph.D. is the Director of Undergrad Business Programs at Granite State College (GSC). She has a Doctorate in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism from the University of Utah. Before GSC, she worked as the Managing Director for The International Ecotourism Society and ran youth sailing programs.