But They’re “Just” Volunteers: What You Need From Volunteers and What They Need From You – 2021 Governor’s Conference on Volunteerism

Presented by Corri Wilson; Presented by Corri Wilson, Life-Long Community Volunteer and Event Organizer with Numerous Affiliations/Organizations

Session Description:

Why do you need volunteers? Why do people volunteer? What do they want and expect from their experience? How do you recruit volunteers and ensure a fit between them and your organization? What are your expectations and how do you make sure that your volunteers meet them?  

In this interactive workshop, we will discuss the motivations, needs, and expectations of volunteers and learn how you can provide an atmosphere and experience that provides the best possible experience for your volunteers while meeting the needs of your organization. We will explore the theories and realities of why people volunteer and seek to answer the above questions as they apply to you.  

Session Goals:

  • Learn new strategies for recruiting, training, and supervising volunteers