Spirit of NH Awards


2020 Spirit of NH Awards Details

Each fall, a statewide ceremony is held to present Spirit of NH Awards of two types: Volunteer Service Awards & Volunteer Champion Awards. Within these two categories are several more specific subcategories. While all relevant nominees are invited to attend the Spirit of NH Awards ceremony, one nominee from each subcategory is selected to receive an Outstanding Volunteer Service/Champion Award.

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Volunteer Service Awards recognize individuals and groups who provide volunteer services that strengthen communities and improve the lives of New Hampshire residents. These awards honor outstanding volunteers – or groups of volunteers – who reflect the strong ethic of service and volunteerism in our state.

From the Volunteer Service Award category, an individual or a group is selected to be surprised with the Spirit of NH Award. This special award highlights the tremendous impact that volunteers can have. While all award recipients are recognized for their critical role in fostering the tradition of volunteerism, the Spirit of NH Award sets an inspiring tone for future service contributions. The awardee is selected with an anonymous vote by a review committee made up of Volunteer NH’s partners, past recipients/nominators, and community members from across New Hampshire. The recipient first receives a standard (non-”Outstanding”) award in their category, and is then surprised with the Spirit of NH Award at the end of the night.

Volunteer Service Award Subcategories:

  • Youth/Young Adult (age 22 and younger)
  • Adult (age 23-64)
  • Senior (age 65+)
  • National Service Member (a person of any age being recognized for their efforts in a National Service program such as AmeriCorps State/National, AmeriCorps VISTA, AmeriCorps NCCC, or Senior Corps)
  • Group (pair, family, club, or any other group of people who volunteer regularly)


Volunteer Champion Award Subcategories:

  • Business
  • Nonprofit/Public Service Organization

Volunteer Champion Awards recognize outstanding volunteer initiatives that provide the infrastructure for volunteers to be successful in their service. Awards in the Volunteer Champion category recognize excellent program management, fund development efforts that sustain volunteer programs, and commitment of time/resources to engage employees in community volunteer roles.


All Winners of Awards at Spirit

The Community Pillar Award is also presented at the Spirit of NH Awards, but this one is a little different than the others, as the Volunteer NH Board of Directors is responsible for submitting nominations and selecting a winner. The Community Pillar Award is presented to an outstanding individual, group, or organization whose work has fostered the civic engagement of others and has provided a lasting impact on New Hampshire communities. As with any outstanding contribution to the culture of service, the impact of this community member’s work extends far beyond New Hampshire. The Community Pillar Award recipient must have an ethic of service and must inspire others to become involved.

View all Community Pillar Award recipients

2019: Governor Chris Sununu & First Lady Valerie Sununu
2018: Team Rubicon
2017: Bellwether Community Credit Union
2016: Fidelity Investments
2015: Dick and Barbara Couch & Hypertherm Inc.
2014: The Grappone Family
2013: The Singer Family
2012: Dean Kamen
2011: John Lynch
2010: Sue and Walter Staples
2009: WMUR (Television Station)