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How do I submit a nomination for the Spirit of NH Awards?

Nominations for the 2022 Spirit Awards are now open!

Please view the guidelines and submit your nomination HERE: https://forms.office.com/r/Yp2VUzA7p3 

NOTE: Some questions on the nomination form require a narrative answer.It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you write and save your nomination in a document on your computer in case you experience a system error. 

Who do I contact if I have questions or need assistance?

Email Aislinn Kalob at aislinn@volunteernh.org. 


You may also call the Volunteer NH main phone line at 603-271-7200.

What is the deadline to submit a nomination?

The deadline is Friday, September 2nd, 2022.

What are the different types of awards?

Volunteer Service Awards are presented to:

  • Youth/Young Adults (age 22 and younger)
  • Adults (23-64)
  • Seniors (age 65+)
  • AmeriCorps (a person of any age being recognized for their efforts in a National Service program such as AmeriCorps State/National, AmeriCorps VISTA, AmeriCorps NCCC, or Senior Corps)
  • Groups

The highest scoring nominations from each category will receive a special Outstanding Award (i.e. there will be an Outstanding Youth/Young Adult, Outstanding Senior, and so on).

Volunteer Champion Awards are presented to:

  • Nonprofit/Public Service Organizations (including military and government)
  • Businesses

The highest scoring nominations from each category will receive a special Outstanding Award. One Volunteer Service Award recipient will be chosen to receive the top Spirit of NH Award.

All eligible nominees will be entered into the running to receive our People’s Choice Award. One week leading up to the Spirit of NH Awards ceremony, the general public will be able to vote for their favorite to win!

Can I submit multiple nominations?

Yes! As long as you do NOT submit more than one nomination for the same person/group/organization.

I want to nominate a person who volunteers at a nonprofit. Which category should I select?

Nominations are categorized by who/what the nominee is. Since you want to recognize the individual and not the nonprofit, you should nominate them in the Volunteer Service category, and select the appropriate group: Youth/Young Adult, Adult, Senior, or National Service.

I just submitted my nomination. Now what?

All nominations will be reviewed (at least twice each) in the weeks surrounding the nomination deadline by our independent review committee. We will then contact you and your nominee(s) to let you know whether they have been selected to receive a standard Volunteer Service/Champion Award or an Outstanding Award for their category, and we will follow up regarding next steps.

If you would like to ask a question or confirm that your nomination was received, email Aislinn Kalob at aislinn@volunteernh.org

When will I know if my nominee will be receiving an award?

This will depending on when the Selection Committee is able to meet. You will likely be notified in mid-to-late September. 

Award Details

What is the Spirit of NH Award?

The highest scoring Volunteer Service Award nominees are all considered by our independent review committee, which discusses which individual/group they believe has demonstrated the most impactful service to New Hampshire. The committee then decides the Spirit of NH Award recipient by vote.

Does the Spirit of NH Award winner know they will be receiving the award in advance?

No. Only the Spirit of NH Committee knows who will be receiving the Spirit of NH Award until the end of the night!

Attending the Spirit of NH Awards

Can I attend the Spirit of NH Awards?

The format of the 2022 awards ceremony is TBD at this time due to COVID-19. Volunteer NH has worked hard to ensure the awards ceremony is accessible to anyone who would like to watch; in the last two years, it has been streamed in full online. Stay tuned for further information on livestreaming and/or in-person attendance at the Bank of NH Stage in November.