Bellwether Community Credit Union is in the business of assisting those searching for financial opportunities and helping people reach financial stability. At Bellwether, people are considered to be the number one priority. While helping people achieve their financial goals is certainly one of the top ambitions for Bellwether, engaging the community and helping to build a better world is considered an even greater objective. As a community of people, Bellwether leaves its mark on the surrounding communities by engaging in volunteer service and by financially supporting non-profit organizations.

Over the past two years alone, Bellwether’s 90 employees contributed 5300 hours of volunteer time to nonprofit organizations in local communities!  In addition, Bellwether’s leadership makes a strong effort to offer financial support requests made by organizations where employees volunteer.  All employees are encouraged to give back to their communities through service and giving. Bellwether provides 8 hours of paid volunteer time for employees.  From donating time at the NH Food Bank on the third Tuesday of every month for the past 18 years, to organizing annual financial literacy career days for middle school and high school students throughout the state, employees are positively affecting the lives of many.

At the head of all Bellwether financial support efforts is their President and CEO, Mike L’Ecuyer. A voice of influence across the state, Mr. L’Ecuyer believes that he is in a unique position to help make a difference in NH by helping to raise funds and financially support nonprofit organizations that are striving to lend a hand to those in need. “This is how I give back to New Hampshire!” Mike has served on the board of City Year NH and The American Credit Union Museum.  Mike has assisted with fundraising campaigns that have raised millions of dollars for these organizations and others, like the American Heart Association, New Horizons, New Hampshire Boys Scouts, and New Hampshire Food Bank.

In addition to supporting the efforts of nonprofit service organizations across the state, Bellwether has a special relationship with Volunteer NH. In 2012, Bellwether became the first ever Legacy Sponsor for the Spirit of New Hampshire Awards. The Spirit of NH Awards celebrates the service efforts of volunteers throughout the state, and pays tribute to individuals and businesses that are devoted to community engagement. Supporting the Spirit of NH Awards is a manifestation of Bellwether’s commitment to building strong, thriving communities. As Mr. L’Ecuyer states, “We believe that service makes people better!” As a result of that belief, Bellwether is devoted to leaving a mark on New Hampshire through service and through financial support; and have made a marked impact on the lives of thousands of people!