Directed by its mission “to promote the well-being and development” of its Associates, and “to enrich communities and environment,” Hypertherm is actively engaged in the lives of its Associates and is devoted to making a difference in the lives of people in need throughout the world. While many businesses and companies focus exclusively on their bottom line, Hypertherm incorporates a triple bottom line where people, the planet, and profits are all considered together as being key ingredients for creating a better world for everyone.

In keeping with these priorities, Hypertherm launched the HOPE Foundation in 2010, with a mission to fund and support non-profit organizations that engage those in need through volunteer service. Today, the HOPE Foundation is responsible for the donation of millions of dollars in financial support to organizations such as the Granite United Way, Easter Seals New Hampshire, American Red Cross of New Hampshire, Children’s Hospital of Dartmouth, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, New Hampshire Food Bank, and many others.

Hypertherm leaves an even bigger mark on the world through its volunteer service program. Through its Community Service Time program, Hypertherm Associates currently receive 32 hours of paid volunteer time. In 2015, over 81% of Hypertherm Associates volunteered, with more than 50% of them using all of the volunteer hours provided, resulting in over 18,000 hours of service!

On the first day of  orientation, new Associates are paired with a team of volunteers to serve with a local community project. From that day forward, Associates are submerged into a culture of service and caring. Hypertherm Associates are seen serving in soup kitchens, building homes, serving in after-school programs, and leading robotics and LEGO teams, helping kids develop the tools needed to explore new technology and invention. STEM education receives a unique level of attention, as Hypertherm hosts over 900 middle school and high school students for a career day – a day where students enjoy a tour of Hypertherm, lab demos, engage in conversation about a future in engineering, and are treated with hands on activities. It is through these career days, that a lifelong impact is made on hundreds of kids who are exposed to new possibilities and are inspired to achieve more.