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Amazon Smile

If you set up AmazonSmile, 0.5% of every eligible purchase you make will be donated to Volunteer NH at no extra cost to you!

If you are using a Web browser, go to and click “Get started” to select Volunteer NH. If you need to change the organization you are supporting, click “Supporting: [current org]” from the menu bar and then “Change charity” to select Volunteer NH. You will need to use the link every time you shop – we recommend bookmarking it so you don’t forget!

If you are using the Amazon Shopping app, go to your Settings or Programs & Features menu and click “AmazonSmile” to be led through the activation process. You only need to set this up once in the app and then you can use it as you normally would.

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Instead of gifts, consider asking for donations from family and friends! Simply request that would-be gift-givers visit and make a donation on your behalf.

You can also set up a fundraiser on a social media platform:

Want to reach over 15,000 people and dozens of other companies and nonprofit networks this year?

Join us as an annual sponsor.

Volunteer NH is transitioning to an annual sponsorship model, where sponsors commit to sponsoring our organization for a full year. This approach streamlines the sponsorship process and allows funds to go further toward Volunteer NH’s programming and operations.

Annual sponsorship is also beneficial for sponsors like you, who will be able to plan farther ahead while simultaneously receiving wider exposure for your vital support of Volunteer NH. Payment can be up-front or spread out over the year.

Why choose annual sponsorship?

  • Comprehensive and consistent marketing: we want to help you be successful in sharing your business within our networks!
  • Positive exposure: associate your organization with community engagement year-round.
  • Simplicity: set up the whole year at once.
  • Ease of planning: budget further in advance.