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2017 Spirit of NH Awards

When: Tuesday, November 7th; 7:00pm-9:00pm
Where:The Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord, NH
What: Come and join us as we honor individuals, groups, nonprofits, educational institutions, and businesses from across NH who go above and beyond the call to serve.
How can I support the Spirit of NH Awards?
—You can attend the ceremony on November 7th.
—You can nominate someone to receive an award (NEW Deadline: September 20th at 5pm)
—You can sponsor the event

Spirit of NH Awards Frequently Asked Questions

How do I nominate for the Spirit of NH Awards?
Simply go to this link: 
NOTE: It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you write your nomination in a Word Document first (in the case of a system error).
What is the deadline to submit a nomination?
The deadline is September 15, 2017 by 5pm.
Can I submit more than one nomination?
Yes, as long as you do not submit more than one nominate for the same person/group/org/business/school.
I want to nominate a person who volunteers at a nonprofit. Which category should I nominate him as?
Nominations are categorized by who/what the nominee is. Since you want to recognize the individual and not the nonprofit, you should nominate him in the Volunteer Service category.
I want to nominate a school club for an award. Should I nominate them as a Group or as Education?
Since the group is education-related, you should categorize them as “Education.”
I just submitted my nomination. Now what?
To confirm that your nomination was received, email Emily at
When will I know if my nominee will be receiving an award?
Depending on when the Selection Committee meets, you will be notified in early to mid October.
What are the different types of awards?
The Volunteer Service Awards are given to youth, adults, seniors, and groups. The highest scored nominations from each will receive a special “Outstanding” award and will receive additional recognition (i.e. there will be an outstanding youth, senior, adult and group).
The Volunteer Program Champion Awards are given to nonprofits, businesses, and educational institutions. The highest scored nominations from each will receive a special “Outstanding” award and will receive special recognition.
What is the Spirit of NH Award?
The highest scored Volunteer Service Award nomination receives the Spirit of NH Award. This award is given to an individual or group that has demonstrated the most impactful service to NH.
The individuals and group who have received Outstanding Awards are not eligible to receive the Spirit of NH Awards.
Does the Spirit of NH Award winner know they will be receiving the award in advance?
No. Only the Spirit of NH Committee knows who will be receiving the overall Spirit of NH Award. This award is announced at the end of the night.
Where is there parking at the Capitol Center?
On Street Parking: Free on-street parking is available in the evenings on Main Street. Free parking is also available on Concord Street and Storrs Street. From the CCA, take Theatre Street (directly across from the CCA) down the hill to Storrs Street.
Parking Lot: A public lot is located at the intersection of Thompson and State Streets.*
Covered Garages: Capital Commons Garage, is on Storrs Street, two blocks north of the Capitol Center. A third public parking garage is located several blocks away – between North State and Warren Streets. Another is located on North State Street, next to the YMCA.*
*Parking at these locations is free after 5pm on weekdays and all day of weekends, but is paid at all other times.
Should I eat dinner before the Spirit of NH Awards?
Yes. The doors will open to the public starting at around 6:15, with the actual event starting at 7pm and going til about 9pm. There will be desserts provided following the ceremony, however, we would recommend eating beforehand. There are a myriad of restaurants within walking distance from the Capitol Center.
What should I wear to the Spirit of NH Awards?
While there is no specific dress code, it should be noted that each awardee goes on stage, is presented with a certificate, and has a picture taken on stage by a professional photographer. We would recommend at least business casual dress. For an idea of how others have dressed in the past, please consult Volunteer NH’s Facebook or website for pictures from past events.
Do I have to register for the Spirit of NH Awards?
We ask that all awardees contact the designated Volunteer NH staff member in charge of Spirit if they are planning on attending. Check-in for the event will start at 6:15pm the day of the event. Friends, family, colleagues, or guests of the awardee do not have to register or check-in.
Is there assigned seating for awardees?
Yes. In the effort to keep the event moving smoothly, Volunteer NH will assign awardees special seating during the ceremony. (Each awardees’ assigned seat can be found on the name tag they will be given when they check-in before the event). Once the awardee has received their award, they are free to sit with their friends and family in the general audience.

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