Building Back Better: Leveraging the Power of Volunteers – 2021 Governor’s Conference on Volunteerism

Presented by Beth Steinhorn, President, VQ Volunteer Strategies

Session Description:

The volunteer sector has evolved over generations to leverage the changing landscape of volunteerism, but this past year has certainly delivered more change than ever before. Not only do social, economic, and generational trends affect how individuals volunteer, but the pandemic transformed how organizations attract, engage, and retain qualified volunteers.

What lessons can we learn from the challenges imposed by the pandemic and what role will you, as a leader of volunteers, play in harnessing volunteer power in the months ahead?

From online training and virtual volunteering to new approaches to retention and community-building across a hybrid workforce, join Beth Steinhorn in this exploration of how you can lead the way to build back better in this ever-changing world.

Session Goals:

By the end of this session, participants will have learned how to:

  • interpret data and insights regarding how the pandemic has affected engagement efforts across the US
  • understand five engagement trends that were accelerated by the events of the past year
  • utilize a tool to help them proactively plan to leverage volunteer engagement for their organization’s sustainability
  • embrace their role as a strategic leader in their organization



As President of VQ Volunteer Strategies, Beth Steinhorn partners with organizations and their leadership to increase impact through strategic and innovative engagement. The author of multiple books and articles, she is part of the national conversation about strategic engagement, frequently provides training on the topic, and consults with organizations throughout the US and Canada.