Civics 101: How Does Policy Change Happen, and What Can You Do About It? – 2020 Governor’s Conference on Volunteerism

Presented by Stephen Pimpare, Principal Lecturer, US Politics & Public Policy, University of New Hampshire

Session Description:

If you’ve ever wished that you better understood how politics and policy-making work (or don’t work!) in D.C., Concord, and in your own town, this session is for you. Starting with the basics, Stephen Pimpare will offer participants a tour of the operations of key political institutions and, most importantly, help you to identify the places in which you can affect change on the issues that matter most to you. Join us for this engaging session if you’re ready to go from being a passive observer of national and local politics to a more involved individual.

Session Goals:

  • Describe how policymaking generally works
  • Identify the spaces where you can exert influence



Stephen Pimpare is the founder of the Public Service & Nonprofit Leadership Program and director of the Center for Community Engagement and Experiential Learning at the University of New Hampshire in Manchester. A former leader of NYC nonprofit direct service and advocacy organizations, he is the author of three books and some sixty articles, essays, and reviews about poverty and US social welfare policy.