Self-Care in the Technological Age: 2020 Governor’s Conference on Volunteerism

Presented by Linda Douglas, Trauma-Informed Services Specialist, New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

Session Description:

Social media, ever-changing new cycles, and serious FOMO at every turn have made us all slaves to the technology that we carry around with us every day.  Increased opportunities to work and learn remotely have also changed our living spaces to workspaces and increased isolation.  It is easier than ever to find ways to numb out and check out. Is this healthy? Is it productive?

Session Goals:

  • Name at least three strategies to implement regularly that will reduce numbing out and increase engagement
  • Describe how today’s technology can help and hurt our ability to meaningfully engage with today’s world
  • Practice mindfulness in order to reduce the stress that comes with being plugged in 24/7



Linda Douglas is the Trauma-Informed Services Specialist for the NH Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence working to enhance the capacity of programs of the Coalition, and local communities, to address the complex needs of victims with responses to trauma.  She has been training statewide and nationally for the past ten years.