Assessing and Improving Organizational Health: Pathways to Effective Partnerships – 2020 Governor’s Conference on Volunteerism

Presented by Susan Linn, President & CEO, Epilepsy Foundation New England

Session Description:

Strong, high-impact, organizational partnerships with a variety of relevant entities (government, for-profit, other nonprofit, and community agencies) are anchored in stable, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. However, to collaborate effectively, organizations first need to build the strength to be effective partners. Self-assessment of your organizational capacity not only provides insights into organizational health and readiness but also creates a road map to effective organizational development. This session will provide key tools and insight on how to assess nonprofit organizational health. 

Session Goals:

  • Understand the concept and facets of nonprofit organizational health
  • Understand tools and applications for nonprofit organizational health assessment



Susan Linn has been serving nonprofit organizations for more than 25 years. Susan’s early career days as a direct service worker continue to influence her leadership of programs and services today. Her leadership roles include two decades in upper management, fundraising leadership, and chief executive roles for schools, municipalities, higher education, and nonprofits.